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NEWS 2010




Hi everyone.  Here in my news section you will be able to find information on students (such as promotions and performance) and the academy (upcoming seminars and a collection of other in-house events and updates).   As the head professor at the Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I will be posting on a semi-regular basis any changes to our class curriculum and expansions or additions to our gym and our affiliated gyms.  Let’s start you out with a little news so that you can see what we have been up to!


First off, we have completely rebuilt our website to become the most current and cutting edge web experience that any martial arts school has to offer. We are continuing to improve and add pertinent items so you as a student and user of our site will have as enjoyable and informative experience as you or I could hope for.


We strive every day to improve our students, champions, coaches and facilities. We are fully evolving on a regular basis.  We have just expanded and remodeled our gym with all new mats and equipment. A luxury shower has been added and a new pro shop has just found a home in our gym as well.


Most importantly, congratulations to Isidro Montes who received his blue belt on Wednesday 7/14/10.  Isidro has been a regular competitor and has made vast improvements and strides in his training making him one of our strongest white belt competitors. Congratulations Isidro and keep working hard to make your improvements!


Also, if you wish to contact me regarding any questions about our facility or our training style and courses please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. My email can be found in the contact portion of our web browser, or you may contact me at our facility directly if you wish at (818) 341-5000.


-Todd Nathanson